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Matteson Work Injuries/Slips & Falls

If you experienced an injury at work or slipped and fell in a public place, you are most likely able to get medical coverage for your recovery. Be sure to report your injury within the first 24 hours and document the details of your injury to get maximum benefits. Most importantly, make sure you receive proper medical care for your injury as soon as possible.

Whether you suffer from a slip and fall injury, back pain, ankle sprain or broken bones, our Matteson clinic’s work injury treatment will provide you the care you need, whether it is physical therapy or chiropractic, to get back to work. Our certified medical professionals in Matteson are experienced in work-related accidents and slip and fall injuries. They know what these types of injuries entail and how to properly treat them. With our work injury treatment, you will receive a personalized treatment plan to ensure you a full recovery, so contact us today.