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Matteson Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care involves treating patients who suffer from back and neck pain as a result of spinal injuries or conditions. Oftentimes, this type of care focuses on realigning the spine to ease pain and discomfort. At Advanced Physical Medicine, our staff consists of the most experienced chiropractors in Matteson.

At your first appointment, our chiropractic staff will evaluate you based on your medical history, environment and genetic factors. They develop an individualized treatment plan and incorporate specific diet and exercise instructions for you to follow in order to ensure you the best recovery possible.

As with any of our services, our chiropractors rely on non-surgical means to assist you in your recovery. We believe in your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Whether administering manual adjustments to your spine or using straps, tapes and braces to enable proper healing, our chiropractors tailor their services to provide you with the best possible care. Find out how our Matteson chiropractors can help you.