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Matteson Acupuncture

The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture is one of the most highly effective forms of healing for a wide variety of disorders. Acupuncture is not only proven effective, but is also safe and minimally invasive. The procedure involves the insertion of tiny needles into different parts of the body, which stimulate nerves, muscle and tissue to ease pain and heal specific disorders.

We administer acupuncture for pain management and a long list of disorders including allergies, indigestion, ulcers, hypertension, high cholesterol, infertility, arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, depression and anxiety. Acupuncture is also an effective tool for patients who are trying to lose weight.

Specific treatment plans vary according to your condition. Acute aches and pains may require only one treatment while chronic conditions may call for up to ten treatments. Contact us to learn how our Matteson acupuncture specialists can help you.