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Matteson Diagnostic Center

At Advanced Physical Therapy we are committed to developing the most effective treatment for our patients. To be sure we assign the proper treatment, we make sure patients have the correct diagnosis. These state-of-the-art diagnostic machines at our Matteson physical therapy clinic help us create specific treatment plans for our patients’ individual needs.


X-Rays are extremely helpful for diagnosing patients with bone misalignment, especially those located within the spine. Once an x-ray is taken, our medical professionals in Matteson are able to view the image within minutes, which allows our patients to have their diagnosis almost immediately. Once their diagnosis is made, patients follow-up with our chiropractors and physical therapists to receive proper treatment.

EMG (Electromyography) and NCV (Nerve Conduction Velocity)

With our EMG and NCV machines our Matteson clinic is able to test patients’ nerve and muscle activity. These machines are particularly useful in diagnosing conditions such as nerve damage, muscular dystrophy, nerve lesions, peripheral neuropathies and polio. Early diagnosis of conditions such as these is imperative for effective treatment and recovery.

Bone Density Testing

Bone Density Testing in Matteson involves the use of our DTX machine, which measures the bone’s calcium and mineral count. A digital x-ray is taken of the patient’s forearm. After that, the measurement of calcium and minerals is taken. A high calcium and mineral count signals strong, healthy bones. A low count could be a sign of osteoporosis.

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