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Matteson Car Accident Treatment

Car accidents can be especially traumatic. Not only is the accident itself stressful, but the after effects can be even more nerve-wracking. Between dealing with car insurance and the emergency room visit, it is no wonder why most people involved in car accidents forgo additional medical treatment.

The problem with ignoring pain associated with the accident is that you may be ignoring injuries that have the potential to get worse over time and cause permanent damage. Even just waiting one week after the accident to get medical treatment can cause hypoxia or a lack of adequate oxygen flow to muscles, numbness or tingling sensations and overall physical weakness.

The most common injury from car accidents is whiplash, which happens when your neck is moved past its normal range of motion. In order to make a full recovery, those suffering from whiplash should begin proper treatment immediately. Our whiplash treatment in Matteson provides noninvasive therapy including manual therapy, exercises, neck massage and posture correction.

Car accident treatment at our Matteson physical therapy offers experienced, one-on-one care for injuries related to motor vehicle accidents. For over ten years we have provided quality treatment for people involved in car accidents. Do not just rely on your emergency room visit. Come to Advanced Physical Medicine’s Matteson clinic and get the medical attention you need to fully recover from your car accident.